Upcoming Events

The Wisdom of the 5 Elements

December 7th 9:30-11:00am 

Via Zoom - Please contact me for zoom link

I will be presenting: “The 5 Elements of the Dagara Cosmology”

During this online class I will guide you on a journey through the Remembrance of Wisdom and the Grandmother Stones. During this presentation you will learn about your primary element based on the year you were born and the way you can work with this wisdom to facilitate more play, connection, balance and growth in your life.

This is a FREE event. I hope you can join me.

Crystal Light Bed Balancing & Healing Sessions 

Stay Tuned - 2020 

My Home in Dover, NH 

email me at to register and to find out more.

Crystal Light Bed sessions  help balance, clear and energize your body, mind & spirit.  This holistic technique uses light therapy and quartz crystals that help clear dis-ease on all levels. It's a great preventative modality to help keep you healthy and balanced. 

Read more about it under services.

 Share in this Small group experience

Session from: 3-5pm 

  • Please wear all white if possible or a light color

  • Bring an open mind and a loving heart and intention

  • Arrive on time

  • Each person will experience a 20 minute individual session as the rest of us are in a relaxed meditative state and held in the loving, healing energy current. 

If you feel  alignment with this  please join me!

$30/pp Heart Contribution

Blessings of Love to all!

mineral stone journey

& activation session 

Stay Tuned - Spring 2021

Explore in the footsteps of this Ancient Wisdom & Remembrance. This heart centered guided journey will assist you remembering your ancient grandmother wisdom. It can help you open, connect & root to  a more rich, nourishing and powerful inner wisdom. During this nature journey you will find and connect to 9 "Grandmother Stones." 

Discover what they mean, how to work with them to reset and connect with deeper meaning within.


During this guided journey I will  assist you with clearing life blocks & activating new energies to support your inner growth & soul expansion.


Contact me at or 859-391-4840 to learn more.


Heart Contribution: $55

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