What clients have to say...

"Working with Robin, i felt the effects of the energy coming in right away. Waves of light and clear blue bliss coming into and through my body, her...presence is strong, solid and confidant, to the touch you can feel her guiding the energies though you and into you."

"A strong sense of calm assurance..safety.....being held and strengthen'd."

"A feeling of being guided through, its you who is walking, but Robin walks with you at a safe distance
to let you know its you doing the work with the energy she brings for you and into you."

"Powerful, insightful and graceful."

"Thank you...a world and personal healer and facilitator for sure."

Rob E. - England

"I had the privilege of attending one of Robin’s recent workshops and receiving a one-on-one session with her.  Right away, Robin’s kind, genuine spirit was evident as she shared very interesting and useful material for the workshop.  She offered specific tools and strategies that I continue to practice regularly.  I was even further impressed with the individual work with her in which she offered her deep insight and powerful healing skill-set. I found our one-on-one session to be just as helpful as the workshop as she once again shared input that I continue to practice presently."

Allyson B. - Kentucky

"The energy was huge for me last night  Robin - like when I have a big clearing session in person.

Your remote work is powerful  - and I just sleep through it all!

Thanks again – great work – just beautiful!"

Catherine F.  - Australia 

"I wanted to thank you so much for the healing you have provided for me. You were able to release lot of "gunk" for sure! I have been so much clearer and the Reiki is flowing again and feels different. You were right. There was something blocking me and whatever it was has lifted and moved on. Your intuition is spot on! Thank you so much. You truly are gifted.

Susan M. - Kentucky

"The day of our talk, I left and taught the two best yoga classes of my life, and it didn't stop there. A week later I was trying to find out why the change. My voice had changed and confidence elevated. In retrospect, I know in my heart it had to do with our heart-to-heart. Thank you for giving me such a gift! I am forever grateful."

Lauren C. - Kentucky