Meet Robin 


My own path of personal healing has helped me to be able to assist others. Personal mentoring, clearing, and healing sessions are offered both in-person and online. If you are struggling and or moving through shifts in your life clearing, focus, and rebalancing sessions can help.   I am committed to walking and living the ascension path.

Becoming more conscious, healing your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual pain can relieve your suffering.  Aligning with God, the Father, Son & Holy Spirit is key. 


For the past 9 years, I have studied and practiced many Energetic (Bio-Field Clearing, Theta DNA Healing, Reiki, and Shamanic) Healing techniques, but I was born a gifted and natural healer.  


If you are going through changes, sick, living in pain, stuck, or feel held back in any way you probably need to change. Through my alignment with God, and Studies, I am able to help you root out past and or ancestral issues and patterns.   

Clearing the roots of your past makes room for you to grow. I work with clients who take responsibility for their path of growth and healing and are open to and believe in Jesus Christ as the ultimate healer.

Sessions with me are Orthodox Christian based. I believe in one God the Father all mighty and I follow my God-given discernment and intuition.

In addition to personal sessions, I also offer sessions to help you create a balanced love-based and grace-filled sacred home.

Sessions take place both in-person and remote around the world via Zoom,  Facetime, or Phone. To schedule a session please use the online booking link, or contact her via email at haywakeup@gmail.com

I gladly accept more than the base starting point and if you have a true desire to change, but are financially challenged, please let me know. I will work with you to see what we can do to get the payment that supports you, or look for donations to help assist you. 

I look forward to helping you. Thank you and God Bless!



Donations and Contributions Gratefully Welcomed!










1st Light, 1st Breath, 1st Birth, 1st Love, 1st Stone, 1st Fire


A Gift from my Gaia Heart to Yours....

Through the portal of light Gaia shifts,  her lips open to reveal the truth of our soul. Taking us in through her tectonic plates  we become the womb of creation through our expansive hearts we awaken to what is truth inside.  Awakening HUmanity, a full remembrance to human-kind. A kinship of love that is  clear like the air we breathe. Loving like the ocean floor. Majestic like the mountains, streams, lakes and rivers. We rise as one, our voices heard throughout the universe as we sing our soul song. Privileged I am to know my heart, Grateful I am to dance, Humbled I am to serve and Beautiful I am to Love, Thankful I am to be, Honored I am to share and here I am to Explore this sacred dance with you.