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Haywakeup Mind, Body & Spirit Wellness came to me in 2013. Little did I know then the path it would take and heartbreak it would lead to.


At 15 I heard from my spirit within I was a healer. My healing and awakening to these energies and gifts have taken me many years and I am still learning, growing, and developing the gifts I have. I am a committed guide, teacher, and healer. Doing my own inner healing work is key to helping my own family lineage heal, but also key to helping others and the world release, let go, clear, heal and ascend into all that God has intended for each of us.  

After over a decade of studying various healing systems, I got baptized as an Eastern Orthodox Christian. I love learning about the Saints and the Ancestors of God/Jesus Christ and of course about the Love of the Father and Trinity one in essence and undivided. Magdalene is my Saint Name which fits seeing I studied in the Magdalene Mysteries.


I have studied various healing modalities for over 12 years, but sessions with me are always unique and divinely guided. 


My studies include Theta DNA Basic & Advanced Healing, SSR Reiki, Life Force Energy Healing, Shamanic Magdalene Mysteries, Huna Light Calendar and Code Frequencies and most recently studying, living, and practicing Eastern Orthodox Christianity. 


Sessions are done In person, or online via FaceTime, Telegram, Phone or Zoom.


To schedule a session please use the online booking link, or contact Robin via email at 

May you be Blessed and May God always be with You!

Robin (Magdalene)



Donations and Contributions are always welcomed as I do a lot of planetary clearing and healing work that I do not get paid for.





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