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Haywakeup Mind, Body & Spirit Wellness came to me in 2013. Little did I know then the path it would take, the challenges, choices, heartbreak, and breakthrough it would lead to.


I was a wife for 32 years and have two amazing grown sons whom I love very much. I have studied various healing modalities for over decade.


At 15 I heard from spirit I was a healer. My healing and awakening to these energies and gifts have taken many years to discover, develop and offer them in service to others. I am a committed guide, teacher, and healer. Doing my own inner healing work is key to helping YOU, helping me and helping all of God's kingdom on earth. 

My studies include Theta Basic & Advanced DNA Healing, SSR Reiki, Life Force Energy Healing, Core & Celtic Shamanic Practices, Personal and Unique Sound and Energy Clearing and Intuitive Healing Gifts, Prayer and most recently studying, living, and practicing Eastern Orthodox Christianity. 

The more we ascend the more we live in relation with the divinity of Christ/Holy Spirt/Universe/The Divine/God etc... within ourself. The more we live in that alignment, the more we serve the betterment of this world and beyond.

Its TIME do your work! I have personal stories published in "Memories of Heaven" which Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and Dee Garnes were the creative artist of this book. I am also published in Amy Gillespie Dougherty book series called "The Ancestors Within."

If you would like to order autographed copies of these books I'd be happy to send you one. Books are $30.00 plus shipping and handeling.


If you would like to work with me, sessions take place in person, via phone, FaceTime or Zoom. To schedule a session please use the online booking link, or contact me via email at 

May you be Blessed and May God always be with You!

Robin (Magdalene)



Donations and Contributions are always welcomed as I do a lot of planetary clearing and healing work that I do not get paid for.





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