The Lord shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.  Exodus 14:14


Glory to God for ALL things! 


Robin is the creator of Haywakeup Mind, Body & Spirit Wellness where she guides and mentors others through the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical realms. She is an Orthodox Christian and at 15 spirit told her she was a healer.


Robin loves the Orthodox tradition and strives to fashion her life after the Saints of the Church and the Blessed Mother of God the most Holy Theotokos. She is currently expanding her practice to include more online mentoring, healing, and clearing sessions. Robin only works with those who are seriously committed to their own ascension path and the path to God.


For the last decade, Robin has studied with various Mentors, Teachers, Shamans, and most recently Priests from the Orthodox Tradition. Helping others find their way back to life is Robin's first order of business. She is a skilled listener and energy clearer! With the help from God, and her team in the spirit world along with her understanding of the Orthodox Church and tradition, Robin can help you grow and heal.


Aligning with God, the Father, Son & Holy Spirit is the foundation upon which all resolution, healing, and transformation can take place.

Clearing the roots of your past makes room for God to grow in your life.  Robin is a guide and mentor that can help you clear, gain perspective and learn to love God and life again.  


Sessions take place both in-person and remote around the world via Zoom,  Facetime, or Phone. To schedule a session please use the online booking link, or contact me via email at

Prices are at a base starting point, if you would like to offer more I gladly accept. However, please don't feel obligated. Also if you are financially challenged, please don't let that stop you from contacting me. Money should never be a reason for you not to receive help.  

God Bless you




Donations and Contributions Gratefully Welcomed!