Meet Robin 


HayWakeUp (The New Earth Mother) If you are waking to more of your conscious soul and are seeking answers and guidance you have landed in the right space. 

Becoming more conscious, healing your wounds and aligning with living in more sacred harmony with your spiritual life on earth is what we are each here to truly do. 


Robin is a guide, artist, and wayshower through the ascension path. If you're leaping in bounds or stuck in pain, limitations, and lack there is a way through. Robin has finely developed her energetic skillset to help shift, uplift, and reset life patterns and ancestral issues that hold people back. She can assist with shifting old patterns, beliefs, and life limitations.  

Clearing the roots of your past makes room for you to grow. New life begins with you. Robin is a master at compassionately holding the space for your change. Are you ready yet? 

Robin works with clients committed to their own life growth and abundant living. She understands the tender space people need to grow and this is a foundational practice from which she creates.

Sessions with Robin are intuitively guided and unique for each client. Robin is a sound healer, angelic guide, and fine tuner in the energetics of mind/body/spirit. She often channels through Light Language Adjustments and/or Activations, and Clearing. Sessions are deep and always filled with love for the client's highest most authentic good. Sessions often include Akashic Record clearings, Etheric Surgery and DNA Repair.  

Robin also offers consults to help you create an energetic sacred home.

Robin is certified in many modalities, but at age 15 she was injured and heard she was a healer. Some of her past studies and certifications include SSR Reiki Master, Divine Magdalene Shamanic Priestess process, Dagara Shamanism, Theta™ Basic and Advanced DNA Healing, Melchizedek Method Level 1-3 and currently Healers of the First Light. 

Sessions take place both in-person and remote around the world via Zoom,  Facetime, or Phone. To schedule a session please use the online booking link, or contact her via email at haywakeup@gmail.com

Pricing is extremely affordable. Robin gladly accepts more than the base starting point. With deep gratitude and appreciation for all



Donations and Contributions Gratefully Welcomed!










1st Light, 1st Breath, 1st Birth, 1st Love, 1st Stone, 1st Fire


A Gift from my Gaia Heart to Yours....

Through the portal of light Gaia shifts,  her lips open to reveal the truth of our soul. Taking us in through her tectonic plates  we become the womb of creation through our expansive hearts we awaken to what is truth inside.  Awakening HUmanity, a full remembrance to human-kind. A kinship of love that is  clear like the air we breathe. Loving like the ocean floor. Majestic like the mountains, streams, lakes and rivers. We rise as one, our voices heard throughout the universe as we sing our soul song. Privileged I am to know my heart, Grateful I am to dance, Humbled I am to serve and Beautiful I am to Love, Thankful I am to be, Honored I am to share and here I am to Explore this sacred dance with you.