Full Moon Ceremony Ritual

Love has Everything to do with it! Love purely, savor, embrace and share it with yourself and the world. Today is a powerful day to release all that is not true to your heart. Today's full moon and Lunar Eclipse is an opening to let go of what doesn't serve your highest potential, your brightest life.

Begin to create something new by letting go of the old. You can create a simple yet powerful ceremony for yourself to release. Blessing it, thanking it, being grateful for it all it is the key!

Suggested Materials:




Fire proof container or Fire pit

Lighter or Matches

A sacred item like a picture of someone you love, mala beads, rosary beads, a necklace, etc...

A bell, some music, a singing bowl or other musical instrument

Tobacco or corn meal to offer the fire

Essential Oil for anointing before and/or after the ceremony

Water with Sea Salt to represent peace, forgiveness, healing

You may begin by dropping deeply within your heart. Opening up the space for truth, forgiveness and flow. Then on paper make a list of what all you wish to release. Once the list is written sit with it. You can take as much or as little time with this process as you desire. Remember there is NO right or WRONG way to do this. You may notice that feelings begin to surface during the process, just allow them flow. Feeling the feelings are an important part of the process. If you notice judging or feeling bad for any of your feelings, be gentle with yourself and invite in your ability to embrace that part of you that feels bad. A simple saying to yourself, "Thank you for showing me how you feel" can invoke a deep compassion to a deep inner wound. Thank yourself for being open to growth, change and letting go.

Be as creative as you wish with your ceremony or as simple as you wish. Maybe you wish to have a candle to light, or play some music. Maybe you want to take a walk in nature, whatever it is allow your heart to guide you. You can refer to the list above for suggestions. Once you feel ready you are going gather all your ceremony items and burn your letter. If you believe in God, a higher power, Angels, Jesus, Nature, Mother Mary or have a special departed ancestor invite them into the ceremony with you to assist you in the releasing of all for the highest good through all time and space.

Next, take a few centering breaths and then burn the paper. Pay attention to any feelings or thoughts you experience in your physical, emotional or mental body. Sit in the ceremony space for as long as you wish, incorporating any of the other items. Once it feels complete say "THANK YOU" out loud! Thank it all, thank your spiritual guidance, thank all the lessons known and unknown and say good-bye. As you release this ceremony intend it to be sent to pure loving light to be recycled.

Finish with a few deep breaths in and out, maybe some stretches, a walk or whatever you feel called to do.

Wishing you ALL many blessings and a heart full of love, light, peace & gratitude!

Be Well, Be Happy, Be YOU!



(Solar Ray)

essings and Much Love to all! I hope this serves you well!