--- A Diamond Ray Transmission - Shine, Shine, Shine

With each new thought we plant a seed of co-creation. A creation beyond one we have ever known. A seed of Divine transmission. Beyond human thought or new age prophecies. We plant it for the whole, the whole of universal peace, love, companionship, wholeness and unity. We plant it for the good of ALL....NOW.....Beyond the dimension we reside in our cosmic creations EXPAND. Plant Love.....Seed Light....Foster Unity within.

How do yo shine? What is your inner knowing, calling? Beyond the outer world creations of the collective one, what is your inner TRUTH? Who and What did you come here to be?What diamonds are inside you? Do you dare allow yourself to shine? Do you dare allow yourself to be the Diamond you came to be? What does that even mean anyway?

SHINE my dear SHINE! SHINE like no other and don't play small. You are meant to shine bright like a DIAMOND. I can not tell you how to, or what to do, and what I can tell you is, it hasn't been done before. And what does that mean you might ask? It may look like someone else or it may not. What we mean is, it may be a gardener, a restaurant owner, a mother, a father, a teacher, a healer, a song writer, an artist and it's you.

In the deepest depth within.... YOU KNOW, listen and begin to allow your heart to glow....to grow. LOVE yourself. You are the channel, the beacon, the light within. Shhhh.....soften.....and you'll hear, let it begin. Blessings and so it is!


I am the fountain you drink from

Within I shine....bright like a Diamond.....through all of time

Like the sound of the wind, or the feel of rain, I am the fire of the sun and the mud of the earth

I am a ripple across time, expanded through love....

I am the prism of light like a star from above

I am the Diamond Ray my love here NOW for you to receive

Embrace me as the waters wash your sandy beaches, or wind blows through the trees.

Embrace me and see what is truly meant to be!

With Love - The Diamond Ray