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Crystal Prayer Ties

My wish is to share this wisdom to assist others during times of new, shifting, ending and celebratory times of life. May you use this gift in good faith, respect and honor for the tradition it brings.  Allow your inner wisdom to take flight as you weave your heartfelt prayers with this ancient spirituality. I was inspired to add the crystal to this traditional tool which helps to further plant the seeds...



Here are a few tips to get you started... 

  • Begin with a centering few breaths and center within your heart. Light a candle and call upon the directions of East, South, West, North, Sky, Earth as well as Creator god/goddess, loving spirit guides and helpers you may have to assist you. Remember to thank yourself and your others for assisting.

  • Each prayer tie created will have its own empowerment intention placed into it.

  • You will follow the directions for each color of fabric which represents the four directions plus the sky and earth.. Place a little tobacco in the center of the fabric then seed your prayer. Next, wrap and tie the string around the gathered fabric to create a little bundle. The Crystal will be placed in the Earth tie!

  • Yellow is the first color you will begin with. It is the color for the direction of the East.  It represents new birth, the morning star which is Christ. This direction brings renewal and the animal associated with it is the Eagle. An example of a prayer maybe: "In the birth of each new day I will be renewed and strengthened in faith and joyful empowerment to renew my life and the earth."

  • Red is next which is the direction of the South. It represents fertility, growth and fruiting. The animal associated with this direction is the deer, cougar or coyote. 

  • Black represents the direction of the West. This direction represents inner work and healing. The animal is the bear. What inner work and or healing maybe needed?

  • White represents the North. The North is supported by the animal the white buffalo. This direction is about the passing of the eternal wisdoms. What have you learned and grown in wisdom from? What can you share with others?

  • Blue as I am sure you already guessed is the color for the Sky. It is supported by Creator/God/Ancestors/Angels/Star Nations..... An example of a prayer is: "Open me to be wildly inspired by Creators guidance for how to live into my dreams for loving, balanced, healthy relationships with myself and everyone and everything in life."

  • Green....Ahhhh....Yess...Mother Earth! The Goddess Mother that helps sustain our life. This is where you will place the crystal with your added prayer for all your prayers to grow. This is also an offering to her as a show of gratitude and love for all she does to support you and all life. May all your prayers be grounded in the earth to be nurtured and to grow in healthy body, mind and spirit!

  • Once it is complete decide how long your tie will be kept - 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months. a year, or longer. Depending on the reason you created your tie will determine the length it will be flown and worked with. If it is a new year tie, celebrating a passage in life, or created at the beginning of a birth or project you will keep the tie for longer. If it is created for a new moon cycle you will work with it for a month or more. I encourage you to  empower yourself to sense the length and time to keep it.

  • It is an empowering step in the activation process for the prayer tie to be put under your pillow and slept with for three nights. After the third night you may begin to work with the prayer tie as you feel called. You may place it outside, on an alter space, hang it from your car rearview mirror. You may meditate with it. Maybe it will be outside for a while then maybe you'll bring it inside. Allow it to be worked with and rotate it around your environment as called. 

Ribbons to Carry our Prayers 

The creation of your tie shows the intent for balance within all the directions of your life. 

  • After your determined time cycle of working with your prayer tie, you will burn it and  offer the ashes and crystal back to the earth. This releasing can be given back to a tree, the ocean, or another body of water, left in a fire pit, or anywhere else you feel called. 

(Prayer ribbons are based on the Tibetan and Native American Traditions. Through our prayers, we remember how Spirit sustains us in our journey through life.)

I trust you will find the joy and wisdom in the foundation of this practice.

May you fulfill your destiny and embody your spiritual grace and wholeness in all parts of the creation of life...

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